Solea Anesthesia-Free Dental Laser

Cart 01 Modern technology and positive patient experiences continue to set Hutchinson Dental Center apart as we continue to search out less invasive procedures that offer minimal inconvenience and eliminate unnecessary pain and anxiety for our patients. That’s why we’re pleased to now offer our patients the Solea Dental Laser.

The Solea is an FDA-approved, anesthesia-free laser option for hard and soft tissue procedures that once required a dental drill and various forms of anesthesia to complete.

The Solea laser uses a unique 9.3 um wavelength which vaporizes multiple tissue types with precision control. Patients can expect a virtually painless, sensationless, and quiet experience that takes a fraction of the time once spent at dental appointments waiting for anesthesia-aided procedures.

close-upImagine getting cavities filled or other dental procedures completed with no needles and no drilling.

Hutchinson Dental Center is committed to exploring and utilizing the newest and best technologies in the dental industry. Our new Solea Dental Laser broadens the breadth of services we are able to offer our patients and shortens both procedure and healing time. It also provides a completely unique experience, casting aside the need for drills and needles, and eliminating noise and discomfort. Ask us at your next appointment about the Solea Dental Laser.