What Sets Us Apart

pbkk-283printYour Home Away from Home

Our friendly, outgoing staff make sure you feel right at home. In fact, our office originated as a home, and it shows. Patients feel relaxed in our intentional “home” environment that is a welcome difference from a sterile, institutional-type facility. When we can provide exceptional dental care in a setting that is as comfortable, relaxed, and friendly as home, we know we’re definitely onto something different!

As soon as you walk in the door it’s like coming home. Everyone has a good sense of humor and treats you like family. The atmosphere is fantastic.

Incredible Pain-Free Technology

The Hutchinson Dental Center’s unique approach to embracing technology and change tends to weave its way into patient lives in ways they truly grow to appreciate. When modern technology sets us apart like that, our patients tell others about our less invasive procedures, minimal inconveniences, and elimination of unnecessary pain and anxiety. If you’ve been referred to us by a friend, then you’ve likely already heard about how different we are here!

Absolute Convenience

You are busy. Dental health is important. When we can find ways to make your life easier while encouraging proper dental health, we differentiate ourselves for patients who have limited time. Our unique processes, blend of services, and high-tech equipment under one roof means fewer trips. You are our top priority, so we continue to offer same day services, one-stop shop, and family appointments. You don’t want to get sent all over to get what you need, so we bring the specialties, certifications, and professional staff here to you!