Two Unique Polishing Choices


Midwest RDH FreedomThis NEW cordless polisher offers a quiet, gentle teeth polishing experience for patients. The Freedom cordless polisher allows hygienists more flexibility and range of motion so patients experience a gentler touch and no inconvenience of an attached cord. Unlike other polishing options, our cordless polisher uses polishing paste offered in a wide variety of flavors selected by patients to best meet their preferences. While many people prefer a traditional mint flavor, others appreciate seasonal flavors like margarita, mojito, and pina colada. Bubble gum is a frequent favorite of children, and other options include fruit punch, chocolate mint, grape, berry, orange and lime. Ask us about our current seasonal flavors.

The cordless polisher offers benefits to patients looking for a technologically advanced polishing experience that is comfortable, gentle, and quiet. Take a look:


Cavitron Prophy Jet PolisherThe Prophy Jet polisher uses advanced technology to polish teeth with precision, using a combination of water, powder, and air. Many patients appreciate this polishing method, as it feels like a touch-free polishing experience. It is a preferred method for those with braces and bridges because it allows for a thorough and gentle clean.

Learn more about the Prophy Jet polishing system and the many benefit it offers to patients.